Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Aries’ services and the unique partnership this opportunity provides. First and foremost, Aries’ purpose is to support executives in achieving company goals through kindness and caring, while driving results. By working in partner with an Aries consultant, C-Suite Executives are able to free themselves from leadership duties as they pertain to the high-level tasks and projects within the organization. Small companies, or those in the early stage of the company life-cycle, often only require 25% of a full time Executive Business Partner's time. As the company increases its requirements to 50%, Aries is able to recruit and place a perfect match for the company and its C-Suite Executives by knowing the intricacies of the business and the personalities of those involved.

Aries was founded on the principle that while all organizations with corporate structure (large or small) need administrative support, no two companies have the same need. Large organizations may require senior-level executive support at an 85-100% utilization rate. And, small organizations may only require senior-level executive support at a 25% utilization rate.

This creates a challenge when filling administrative support roles.

The average cost of a full time employee in a small company costs 18-26% more than their base salary once benefits and taxes are included. For example, the average base salary for executive support personnel may range from $70,000-$120,000 a year depending on the location. A small company in need of senior-level of support will more than likely not be able to justify spending ~$105,000 per year for one position whose utilization rate would only be approximately 25%.

This is where Aries can help.

Aries recognizes that bottom line conscious venture capital backed companies must present high-level sensitive information in a professional manner to their investors during the start-up phase and, if applicable, through an IPO. Bootstrap companies will have the same needs, and require this level of support when entering the market. Due to the smaller size of both types of companies, the required utilization rate for this experienced high-level executive support person would be approximately 25% of that of a full time employee.

Why pay for more than you need?

Aries pay-per-use business model is simple; only pay for what you need.

Executive Business Partner Duties Include:

  • Challenging the status quo!
  • Heavy Calendar and Schedule Management (coordination across multiple departments and organizations to maximize efficiency)
  • Executive Travel (commercial, private jets or charters, meeting space and 30-300 hotel rooms for events)
  • Budget Management (research, creation, forecasts, updates)
  • Strategic Plan Creation and Execution (creation, delegation, follow-up)
  • Board of Director Activity Management (calendar, meetings, materials)
  • Executive Team Activity Management (calendar, meetings, materials)
  • Internal and External Event Management (logistics, attendees, materials, production)
  • Project and Team Management (planning, collaborating, executing)
  • Office Relocation and Build-Out Management (bids, logistics, purchases)
  • Sales/Marketing Support (social media, PR, BD, web management, VIP’s, partners, clients)
  • Presentation Building (template design, pitch decks, internal, sales, etc)
  • Communication Workshops (skills, activities, role-play)
  • Financial Support (A/P, A/R, Payroll)
  • Hiring (JD management, screening, interviewing)

Executive Business Partner Duties Exclude:

  • Ordering lunch
  • Running errands
  • Cleaning the office
  • Answering the phone
  • Watching the front desk
  • Making copies
  • Routing or sorting mail
  • Reconciling credit cards
  • Creating expense reports

    *The above are referred to as Administrative Assistant or Office Manager duties.

"Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again."

- Walt Disney